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Covid-19 update

west berkshire is still in full lockdown

West Berkshire is in lockdown . These restrictions apply. For a local and almost up-to-date view of what's happening in West Berkshire, click here. The government website shows 63 cases per 100,000 in the week 18 to the 24 February for West Berkshire. Please be careful. For the latest guidance and information on what to do as a precaution or in the event of getting possible symptoms, go to the News page. If you are in good health, please make sure that any of your neighbours that might be vulnerable to the covid-19 are able to manage and are well, and keep in touch with them regularly.  If you are aware of someone in Inkpen who is self-isolating but may not be getting help, please contact the clerk to the Parish Council.

Vaccinations in West Berkshire
To keep up to date with the progress of vaccine delivery in West Berkshire, please click here and here. The Berkshire West healthcare newsletter for January 2021 is here.

Click on the following links for NHS information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, How you will be contacted and What happens at your appointment.

Getting a  test for Covid-19. Tests are available for all adults and most children in the UK with a fever, a new continuous cough or a loss of smell or taste. You can apply for a swab test for yourself, or for anyone in your household, if you or they have symptoms. To apply, click here. WBC is opening a Lateral Flow Testing (LFT) site at the Hungerford Rugby Club in Priory Road from Monday (22 February) offering tests to key workers and others. Click here for further information.


A Covid-19 quick guide for parents and carers can be found here.

Wearing face coverings on public transport is compulsory in England. There are exemptions for young children.  Government guidance on when to wear a face mask is given here.

Supermarket deliveries
Prof Sally Bloomfield, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine says "For contained or packaged supermarket goods, either store them for 72 hours before using them - or spray and wipe plastic or glass containers with bleach [carefully diluted as directed on the bottle]. For unwrapped fresh goods, which could have been handled by anyone - wash thoroughly under running water and leave to dry".

Prof Alison Sinclair, a virology expert from the University of Sussex, adds: "There should be no more risk from using online deliveries than using a friend or volunteer to collect groceries for you."

The West Berkshire bulletin is here.

Local councils in England and Wales have issued alerts following reports of bogus calls and messages asking for money to cover the cost of coronavirus testing kits or vaccinations. NHS officials will never ask for payment of any kind or for bank details.

A local COVID-19 Winter Grant Scheme that delivers funding worth £279k for food, energy and other essential items, to residents in need as a result of the pandemic, is detailed here.

The latest West Berkshire Council news update is here.
Community and West Berkshire Council information has been added here.

If you need help and are in self-isolation, the News page provides a list of those offering to help you - take your pick.

And don't forget that at this time of year, and especially this year, some can get trapped in a cold and even damp home. Please be on the lookout and do what you can to make sure that no one in Inkpen finds themselves in such difficult circumstances. Older people are particularly vulnerable. Guidance on what to look out for, and where to get help from, is provided here.


To download your copy of the latest Bulletin click here.

WhatsApp - WhatsApp to go ahead with changes to terms and conditions despite user backlash
WhatsApp have now extended the deadline for acceptance of their new terms and conditions to the 15th May, following a substantial exodus of users to alternative services. To help you make an informed choice about your options, here are links to articles outlining how you might be affected. From the Independent newspaper read this, and this. From Techradar, this sets out some of the changes, Techcrunch has this, and from the BBC there is this. The FT has this to say. A comparison of what information different messaging apps collect from you is shown here.

Update: This change now happens on the 15th May 2021 (not 8th Feb.) according to a WhatsApp blogpost.

In a blogpost, WhatsApp said that its practice of sharing some user data with Facebook was not new. In addition, Facebook told Reuters news agency: “Like other companies, Facebook has had to make changes to respond to Brexit and will be transferring legal responsibilities and obligations for UK users from Facebook Ireland to Facebook Inc.”. The jurisdiction switch from the EU to the US inevitably involves a radical downgrading in legal protection for data and privacy.

A free, secure and private alternative to WhatsApp is Signal, co-founded by WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton. It is one of the primary alternatives to WhatsApp and is widely available.

West Berkshire Council.
Like many other Local Authorities across the country, we are facing a difficult January with significantly increased volumes of waste after Christmas and a number of collection crews self-isolating. This has unfortunately impacted parts of our waste collection services meaning we have made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend garden and food waste collections to prioritise rubbish and recycling.

The garden and food waste collection service will be suspended from Monday 18 January until Friday 29 January 2021.

We are asking residents whose garden waste is due for collection during this time to not put their green bin out until the service can be resumed again.

History Group
The Inkpen History Group has a new home at The site contains photos, maps and a wide variety of documents. If you have items, whatever the condition, that you think will be relevant to the group, please contact them at

Email and Phone Scams

There are always people out to exploit the vulnerable, especially at times where peoples attention is diverted to other matters of harm. A number of Covid19 related phishing emails have been reported to Action Fraud. These emails and texts attempt to trick you into opening malicious attachments which could lead to fraudsters stealing your personal information, logins, passwords, or banking details. If you get emails that you aren't sure about, or unknown people phone you or knock on your door, ignore it and please seek advice - go to ActionFraud. If you are using electronic devices that don't have up-to-date virus protection, please get it fixed - if in doubt, talk to one of the helper listed on the News page. A range of current scams, including track and trace scams, is listed on the News page.

You might receive a call, text or email offering the COVID-19 vaccine. If you’re asked to provide payment or bank details, please don’t respond – it’s a scam. The NHS will never ask you for payment, bank account details, passwords or passcodes.

St. Michael's Lockdown Arrangements. 
• there will be no services at St Michael's until further notice
• the church will only be open for private prayer and meditation on Sunday and Wednesday each week from 10am to 4pm. For the other five days it will be locked.
• there will be one Zoom service in the Benefice group each week. You can see how to join it by going to: and clicking on the Services tab on the main page of the site (third tab along near the top of the page), or by clicking on or typing it into your browser.
Gerald Atkinson. Churchwarden.

Going for a walk
If you want a breath of fresh air and some exercise, check out the Inkpen walks, but keep your distance from others, that's at least 6 feet apart in old money. If you feel that you should wear a face mask when outdoors, then checkout the design given on the News page.

Also on the news page this month there are a number of updates including from the Inkpen Primary School and pre-school, from the Playing field trust and Village Hall, and there's this months Police Report .

Climate change issues are taking hold and Inkpen's role in this will be discussed at the Parish Council and the IMPFT meetings. Climate issues haven't gone away and don't deserve a lesser priority even now. Climate change IS a pandemic just as much as COVID 19 is.

United Nations reports over the last decade have warned that the world must turn towards healthy plant based diets if climate change is to be stopped. Tree planting is a brilliant solution to tackle climate change and protect biodiversity, but the wrong tree in the wrong place can do more harm than good, say experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The rules include protecting existing woodland first and involving locals.

inkpen parish council

Parish Council public meetings are, for the time being, suspended. Councillors will conduct their business by email.  All council business is shown on the 'Council' page which is selectable via the menu at the top.

Parish Council Information includes planning updates, an archive of previous minutes and agendas, and dates for up-coming meetings are shown . In addition, there are updates on environmental issues, library services and other services, such as high speed broadband.

There's a register of Councillor's details and interests, Council financial reports, details of the Code of Conduct, and application forms for village groups to apply for the limited Parish Council grants.

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